Security Management

The management of an effective and efficient loss prevention program requires knowledgeable and professional experts that are familiar with the industry standards and reporting requirements. We are able to provide you with experienced professionals, who can lead your department, providing such services as internal investigations, disaster and business continuity planning, and training and education services. This service eliminates the need for a full time manager and thus reducing the cost, never the less ensuring quality service.
Policy and Procedure Development

Our experience has shown us that many organizations lack proper documentation on what exactly loss prevention program should do, and how to measure these guidelines and process. Many times organization simply copy generic polices without ever testing and evaluating there applicability to that specific company's culture. At Preventative Measures we pride ourselves in our ability to provide real world strategies to real world situations, our method to comprehensive security solutions is what we call an 'integrated prevention systems solutions'. Thus we develop strategies to fit your organization and culture.
Disaster & Business Continuity Planning & Development
Recent Forbes Statistics have revealed that more than 75% of business cannot survive a disaster, their failure to implement proper continuity initiatives for the long run proved detrimental to the recovery of their operations. This essential and unavoidable task is a complex undertaking, involving a number of stages and discrete activities. Initially it is necessary to understand the underlying risks and the potential impacts of disaster.... these are the building blocks upon which sensible business continuity plans or disaster recovery plans should be built.  Let us help you develop your program with proven and tested methods, that meet international standards.
International Background Investigations & Asset Recovery
Today's business requires the expertise and skills from all walks of life, this fact can mean that you new staffer may not be form next door but another country. How do you confirm credentials, have they been convicted of any crimes?  Likewise your new business partners may have a tinted past that could negatively impact the reputation of your company. As mentioned we pride our selves in our global network, which can also be used to find and locate person, and recover assests from almost anywhere in the world.

Security Systems Reviews & Inspection
This is quite simply an indepth audit of your process, as we all know what is said to be done is not always what is actually happening. Regular investigation and testing, is critical to ensuring that systems are operating at maximum efficiency, in addition this reporting mechanism gives the user / client an idea of what deficiency exist. Coupled with this report are recommendations for corrective action and solutions, many times we are told what the problem is but not provide with remedies.  

Frankly, once if has anything to do with loss prevention, assets recovery, security, and safety, Preventative Measures can provide training solutions for your operation. We pride ourselves in our global network of trainers, of whom  can deliver expert skills and strategies to your organization.

If your business is not security then you should be tapping into persons who can provide you with knowledgeable insight into your loss prevention systems and initiatives.  When you consider that we are not a vendor or guard service provider then it becomes clear that our recommendations are with your best interest in mind.  Our ability to objectively advise and recommend services and systems that are not tied to or obliged to any vendor is critical in you getting exactly what you need at the best cost available.